Complaint forms

Electronic commerce and the users of these stores have the same rights, obligations and guarantees that purchases made in a traditional setting.

Therefore, the consumer always has been entitled shopping on-line, through the mechanisms provided on the Web by the company and through customer service.

The laws governing securities products and / or services on-line, the right of withdrawal or liability of the seller for any consumer complaint.

Electronic commerce has to inform the Internet, consumers of different ends: characteristics of the good or service delivery costs, transportation, term of the bid, contract duration, conditions, payment, settlement system extrajudicial, average consumer communication conflicts distance, customer service, etc..

In the case of the provision of services or sales of goods over the Internet, access to complaint forms will be electronically via the website of the company. After completing the complaint form the consumer can print it and send it to the consumer office nearest to your location for processing .

Models of complaint for the Region of Murcia, are regulated in Decree 3/2014, of January 31, by which the consolidated claims of consumers and users in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia system is regulated and shall be fully standardized on the web:

Can also access the download complaint forms for consumers and users from the link and can read more in this one link.
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